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Here at Intentional Self we strive to help you heal from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual illness and dis-ease in a variety of ways you may not have tried before. Learn what it takes to be healthy, happy, and successful in every aspect of your life: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially and professionally so you can become what you were always meant to be: your Intentional Self!

Ancestral Lineage Healing

For the World’s Healing and Evolution Beyond this Plane of Existence

So many indigenous people around the world of every culture have some Ancestral Reverence practice. It is in our modern times, and especially in the West, where we have discarded, ignored, or forgotten our ancestors. Or we don’t believe they exist.

Ancestral Lineage Healing or ALH is a practice for connecting, revering, and healing all the lineages of our family tree. We come into this world carrying both the burdens and blessings of those who have come before us. We inherit family curses, challenges, illnesses, and so much more. We also inherit blessings, healing, and know-how.

Connecting with our ancestors allows for us to seek out a well, vibrant, healed and whole ancestor to become our guide on a particular lineage. There are thousands of ancestors in our lineages that go back for many millennia. The older, more distant ancestors are the most well and vibrant. These are the ones we connect with first.

The work that follows allows for our mid-range, and most recent unwell ancestors to become healed and whole. It allows those ancestors to become Ancestralized, joining the collective of the well and vibrant. In turn, we ask our guides for blessings and healing for ourselves and our living descendants. The work allows for the removal of family curses, challenges, illnesses, objects, and more.

Take this journey to your ancestors and allow your most recently deceased and those that came before them the healing and wholeness they deserve. It blesses you too along with your living descendants.


Learn to live in a way that embraces the heart of wholeness and completeness.

Release trauma, heal depression and anxiety, live life in all its’ glory and beauty!

If you can understand that you have all the power to create the life you desire,

If you follow through with the tools and techniques given you,

You will learn to heal into wholeness and happiness!


Therapeutic Coaching can assist you to re-invent your life in the ways you desire it to be.

Life and Transformational Coaching can allow you to make changes that are lasting, beneficial, and designed by you.

Get to know your Ancestors and let them heal your recently deceased and your living generations and descendants.

Receive healing through Shamanism, Reiki, Organic Tuning, Meditation, and more.


As an ordained, non-denominational minister, metaphysical sage, and Q'ero shamanic practitioner., I’ll help you learn to understand your faith in ways that your pastor, rabbi, imam, or other religious leaders may not understand themselves.

Allow your true faith to reveal the messages from the above to align with your life below.

As above, so below. As within, so without!

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